WishList Insider – Forum Focus 41

PlugIns take center stage this week as many Insiders have posted some of their favorite WordPress plugins through out multiple forum threads.

These plugins can save time and make your site look great!

The best part is we have collected these threads and included them in this post.  All you have to do is “click” on through 🙂

Click on any title to be directed to the Forum Post

Who Is Currently Logged In Plugin

Have you ever considered the benefits of knowing exactly who is logged into your membership site?

And when?

This information can be very valuable for a membership site owner. You can target high traffic times with special content or offers.

You could bump up slower traffic times by conducting webinars or releasing highly sought after content (being sure to make your members aware of the special time-sensitive releases before hand of course).

So how can you track this type of thing? Check out this forum thread to find out!


A Better Search Than The WP One

Anyone looking for an alternative to the standard WordPress search function?

As with anything, sometimes a right “out of the box” item doesn’t do everything you would like it to.

If the search function on your site falls into that category, this thread gives some options to pump up the power of your site searches.

And yes, there is a plugin suggestion to make it easier 😉


Flexi Pages ‘Silo’ Plugin

We may as well keep the theme of plugins going this week and have a look at another plugin suggested by an Insider.

If you would like to offer your site navigation in a more interesting and functional manner, this is a good thread to take a peek at 🙂

This would be especially helpful for anyone with a large number of pages and/or sub-pages.

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