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How many apps are on your phone right now?

It is probably difficult to come up with an exact number off the top of your head. Even coming up with an accurate estimate is likely a bit tricky.

But it’s safe to say you have your fair share of useful apps doing their jobs on your mobile device.

The key term being “mobile”.

We all find ourselves with the ability and option to do more and get more accomplished when away from home base.

How are your members accessing your membership site when they are on-the-go?

Mobile App Integration / Interface With WishList Member

An app or a mobile site.

These are two methods of consuming content that can be helpful when you want to take care of something while on your phone. There are usually a set of Pros and Cons for either method depending on the task at hand.

Which option is ideal?

The app may be limited in its feature set while the mobile site might restrict some functionality.

This forum thread asks about a possible WishList Member app or alternative ideas. What options are available now?

How are your members accessing your site remotely?

An Insider is asking if anyone has turned their site into a functioning app. This is an intriguing possibility and we are curious if anyone has taken this step.

Please visit the forum thread and feel free to join the conversation.

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