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How do your members login?

WordPress includes a number of built-in options for user login and there are additional plugins to provide more ways for members to get logged in.

The WishList Member plugin has a number of it’s own login features including a widget and a merge code that will both display a login form.

Are all of these methods connected to the same functionality?

What happens if someone has trouble logging in?

Those are good questions and we touch on them in this edition of Forum Focus.

WordPress Login Prompt: “Username Or Email Address”

There will be instances when members have trouble logging in.

Often times, it can be explained as user error. A password will be forgotten or maybe the “Caps Lock” key was accidentally pressed. These kinds of issues are common and typically get resolved fairly quickly by the members themselves.

But, there can be times when a user gets genuinely confused by a failed login attempt and reaches out for assistance.

An Insider began this forum thread with some questions about the message that appears after these types of failed logins. Is that messaging able to be altered?

If so, what controls that part of the process?

Perhaps you have dealt with a similar scenario or have an idea for a possible resolution.

We invite you to visit the forum thread and join the conversation.

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