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Customizing what individual members see within your site can help make for a welcoming experience.

Viewing something that directly relates to them or their membership can help make them feel more at home. This type of thing can start to foster a feeling of comfort and we want members to be as comfortable as possible.

So, how can you display specific content or information to members?

This featured forum thread looks into some possibilities that come with the use of private tags and merge codes.

Mergecode Question

The conversation starts by describing the current situation.

There is a site with a number of 1-page membership levels and the site owner is looking to show lists of levels the member can access and levels they cannot.

What options are available to achieve this goal?

Merge codes, private tags and even the WishList Member API come into play during the discussion. Basically, there are some different options available and it comes down to which fits the needs of the members most ideally.

A few possibilities are discussed and we invite you to share your own suggestions.

Perhaps you have set up your site to display specific content to your members using an interesting method. We encourage you to share any techniques or ideas with the Insider community.

You can check out this forum thread and post a reply of your own.

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