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Have you applied SSL to your entire site?

In the past, it has been common for many sites have only used https on specific pages they wanted to ensure were secure. This typically included sales forms or any pages processing payments or containing sensitive information.

But applying SSL to every page throughout a site is becoming an increasingly more popular practice.

Is this something you have considered?

Need Review / SSL Issue

This forum thread started as a request for reviews and took a bit of a turn towards a possible SSL issue.

It appears that some individuals are able to load and view a particular URL while others cannot. Is this a consistent issue on the mentioned site?

It is important for members (and prospective members) to be able to access a site on their first try. If someone is considering joining and cannot load the site, they may decide to leave and not return.

They may not bother trying to send an email to say they couldn’t sign up as they simply move on to another site.

Our development team took a quick look and believe they see what may be causing the unexpected behaviour. Reaching out to a hosting provider could result in a quick solution to a tricky issue.

We invite you to visit this thread for more details and to share any of your own experiences with SSL.

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