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Reward vs. Discount.

Which would you prefer?

It might be difficult to answer that question without a bit of context. But do you think you would rather receive a free gift or would you like to pay less for something?

Both options can be beneficial to the recipient.

This brings up another question. It might even be the more important question.

Is there a higher perceived value to a reward or a discount?

Which one is more attractive to members.

Discounting Membership Fee

An Insider is looking to lower the cost of membership for some long term members.

This is a kind gesture and one that would very likely be appreciated by the community. The “how” is what comes into play in this forum thread.

How can this be accomplished?

Is there an effective way to lower the cost of a membership after a set period of time? In this example, the lower monthly fee would take affect after one year.

So after month twelve, the members would have their membership fee reduced.

This discussion began in the Insider Forum and transitioned to a recent All Access Call Webinar before making its way back to the forum again. Everything is summed up in the thread and waiting for you to join the conversation.

We are curious if you have provided a reward or discount to your members.

If so, how did you go about it?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the forum.

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