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Choices are usually a good thing.

Which flavour do you want? How many scoops would you like? Cone or a bowl?

Those decisions may all be related to a certain tasty topic (ice cream!), but we also make choices regarding many others things all the time.

Not the least of which are web sites.

Think about all the decisions you make about your site on an ongoing basis. You’re probably remembering quite a few right now.

This featured forum thread looks into a hosting choice and how it may affect a membership site.

PHP Versions?

Do you know which version of PHP is currently applied to your hosting account?

There are a number of different versions currently available with more seemingly popping up fairly regularly. It is a natural reaction to wonder if one is better than the other. You don’t want to be running a version that may cause you issues now or down the road.

An Insider posted the PHP options made available to them from their host.

There are about eight or nine versions/variations and it can seem difficult when the time to choose arrives.

So they are looking for advice regarding the best fit for their site.

The WishList Products Team discussed this a bit and posted a reply but we would encourage any Insiders to check out the forum thread and join the discussion.

Perhaps you have encountered issues related to the version of PHP applied to your hosting account.

Feel free to follow up in this thread.

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