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Does the user pay before or after they register?

Are they able to select their own username?

Is payment collected on the main site or on the payment processor’s site?

These are a few common questions that can come up when looking into online payment options for a membership site. It is important to consider these types of topics and understand the process in order to ensure a smooth transaction for you and your soon-to-be members.

We look into a specific situation in this particular Forum Focus.

Sign Up Order

How does it work from beginning to end?

In this case, the payment/registration process starts with the click of a button and finishes with a new member having paid and been registered for the site.

But, what about the steps in between?

The popular payment option PayPal is the service of choice in this discussion. An Insider is looking to confirm the correct progression that will occur to ensure their set up is complete and ready for use.

Which payment option are you using on your site? We invite you to check out this forum conversation if you’ve tried PayPal or use it now.

We’d like to know if your members pay first or register first. Perhaps you’ve tried both methods and would be willing to share your thoughts.

Please feel free to visit the forum thread and join the discussion.

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