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Member interaction and engagement are components of membership sites that can occasionally get over looked.

This isn’t usually done on purpose or intentionally. It just kind of happens sometimes.

The reasoning behind this can be due to focus and energy being applied to other important aspects of a site like content creation and member management.

So what are some ideas for member engagement?

A forum thread is looking into an intriguing method for attracting member interest with a specific contest.

Let’s get into some details.

Trying To Create A Members Only Photo Contest/Voting Scenario

A photo contest.

But, with a bit of a twist.

An Insider was looking to create a photo contest that allows members to vote and determine the outcome. The members essentially have the power to pick the winner based on the photo with the most votes.

This allows members a chance to win the actual contest as well as participate in the selection process of the winner. That results in member engagement within the site through the use of multiple methods.

Members would also be able to post comments and converse with other members during the contest. More engagement and more interaction. Both very good things in a membership site.

Some questions to consider…

How would this contest be set up?

How would it all work?

We invite you to visit the forum and join the conversation.

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