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Dashboards are a really useful method for delivering content.

A specific dashboard can be created for each level and you can customize each one to best serve the needs of your members.

But, what if a member joins multiple membership levels?

Which dashboard should they see? Can they access multiple dashboards?

Or maybe one dedicated dashboard is the way to go.

Members Registering For Multiple Paid Levels

What do your members see when they login?

Some type of dashboard is fairly popular for most after login pages. They help to familiarize members with the site and give them a home base with some options for where they can go next.

This forum thread references a music based learning site. A piano based level is offered now and the site owner is considering offering a level focused on guitar.

The goal is to provide members who join both levels access to piano and guitar materials together.

But there will also be members who only sign up for piano and other members who only sign up for guitar.

How can content be effectively delivered using a dashboard system?

We invite you to check out this forum discussion and share your thoughts and ideas.

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