WishList Insider – Forum Focus 388

This one is a fast read.

There are plenty of lengthy conversations in the forum and they can often be full of useful information. But there are also quick discussions that provide just as much assistance

In this case, a short exchange between an interested Insider and the WishList Products Team provided a bit of clarity.

A quick question and a quick answer.

How To Create A Blog Page

This “Quick Hit” forum thread touches on the topic of what exactly WordPress themes, plugins and WordPress itself manages.

With so many moving parts, it can be tricky to always remember exactly which system looks after which features.

An Insider is asking about setting a page as the blog for their site.

Does WishList Member take care of this? Or can a theme determine which page will house blog posts? WordPress handles much of the basic functionality, but does this request fall into that category?

It may take a moment to remember. Or the answer may escape you.

Many WordPress sites have a blog roll and they typically appear on the home page. So how can you set that page?

Find out more in the forum.

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