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Have you ever sent physical items to your members?

Or, have you ever thought about it?

Providing digital content to members is a common situation for membership sites. It’s easy to deliver and easy to consume. It’s a win/win scenarios for site owners and members. But what if you decide your members would also react positively to something more?

Perhaps a series of T-shirts or some technical equipment would sweeten the deal you are offering.

How do you really go about offering and facilitating the delivery of things you can hold in your hand to all your members?

This forum thread begins the conversation.

Membership Sign Up Question

This was an intriguing request from the Insider Forum.

An Insider runs a fitness site and has a few different options in terms of length of subscription. Members can sign up for a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual time frame. But the various packages (and what they include) is what makes this discussion interesting.

Fitness training items come with the memberships.

You may be wondering how that would work.

These are obviously not digital items provided immediately upon online registration so how can it be ensured that the jump ropes, dumbbells and other pieces of equipment reach their intended destinations?

Plus, what is the pricing structure for offerings like this? The cost of the equipment (and shipping) needs to be carefully calculated and factored into prices.

A member of the WishList Products Team has provided some suggestions in this conversation and we invite you to share your thoughts as well.

Check it out right here.

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