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“Have you seen this before?”

That is a question we like to ask around the offices of WishList Products. It is usually referring to some unexpected behaviour on a web site or a new plugin or tool we think may be useful.

Our team is comprised of many different individuals with a wide variety of skill sets so there is typically someone who has “been there, done that”.

But there are still instances when we come across a particular question or issue for the first time.

It definitely keeps things interesting.

Re-Appearing Incomplete Registrations

This is a case of a common issue with a potentially not-so-common cause and solution.

Incomplete Registrations will happen if a member does not (or can not) finish the registration process. This can usually be avoided and resolved fairly quickly.

The Incomplete Registration is finished and the member account is created.

But in this case, the Incomplete Registration seems to come back after it has been addressed. Why would that happen?

That is a very good question and one that is trying to find an answer in this forum thread.

We want to pose the question to you. Have you ever dealt with Incomplete Registrations coming back? This is not something common we have experienced.

But perhaps you have run into a similar scenario.

Please visit the forum and check out the discussion for more details.

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