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This is a common and valid question that comes up periodically in the forum and during All Access Calls. It is worth consideration as it can affect the user experience for members.

Where should the membership portion of a site be located?

Does it belong on the main URL or on a sub-domain?

A decision like this often occurs when first developing a site. A choice is made and the site is created accordingly.

But what if someone wants to change the location of that membership portion at a later date on an established site?

Plugin Question

An Insider is looking to move their membership from their main URL to the a sub domain.

How can this be done?

Of course, that is the main question, but there are others to think about as well.

A testing site quickly becomes a useful tool in these types of situations. An area where parts of the site can be moved and adjusted without concern for how it may cause issues for members on the active site.

The live site should not experience any issues in the ideal scenario.

But how does an extra site potentially affect WishList Member licensing? Can more than one site be activated with the same license at the same time?

These are a sample of some questions that drive this quick conversation within the forum.

We invite you to join the discussion for more details.

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