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Where should a new member be placed in the sequence?

This question comes into play when anyone new is about to join an existing community with its own set plan for content delivery.

Should that new member be placed right in the thick of things with the established members? Or do those members need to start at the very beginning?

An Insider has decided how they want their site to handle this and are looking for some help to make it happen.

Best Way To Set Up This Membership Site

Answers can come from a variety of sources.

Especially when it comes to online solutions.

In this case, a question was posted in this featured forum thread and it was addressed during a webinar. The webinar presenters considered the described situation and provided some insight and suggestions.

This may not seem like a conventional way to respond to a question from the forum but it can be quite effective. The question received thought from multiple points of view and some tips were offered.

The Insider who was asking about new members getting added to the correct part of the sequence can even watch the referenced webinar replay for more details.

We invite you to check out this forum thread and the accompanying webinar.

You may find a new way to accomplish an existing task.

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