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Showing a specific piece of content to one level while keeping it protected from other levels.

That is the typical aim of many membership sites.

But, we can go a bit deeper. What if you want to show some content to a few different levels and keep it protected from a few other levels?

That is a bit more involved, but not too complicated.

What if you want to show a selection of links to content a member can access but also show additional links to content they cannot access quite yet?

That is where this forum thread (and Private Tags) come in.

Hide Links If No Permission For Certain Level

An Insider posted a short question about displaying links in a specific way to members on their site. They described what they wanted to happen and asked for any suggestions from the community.

This is a great example of a way to find out how other Insiders might handle a similar scenario.

A response was then posted by another Insider and an option was presented.

We are taking a look back at a quick forum conversation that provides insight on Private Tags and how they can be used. In this case, a clickable list is being created.

But a member should only be able to click on the links in the list they can access.

If they have not been granted access to something on the list, the link should be visible, but not clickable.

You can likely guess where we are going with this.

We invite you to check out this forum thread and get the details on the suggested set up to achieve these desired results.

Please feel free to post any suggestions or questions of your own.

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