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This was an interesting topic of discussion.

One that I hadn’t thought about much until the question was posted in the forum. The thought had just not really crossed my mind.

“How important is display name?”

There is more to the conversation than that single question, but that was the portion that got me thinking. What affects the display name on a site and in turn, what does that display name affect?

Perhaps you have some thoughts or ideas on this you could share.

Display Name As [firstnamelastname]

An Insider has a few systems working together on their site.

Each of these systems handles their share of the duties. But, what if each of these systems attempts to also handle the display name?

Which system ultimately takes care of that?

The goal is to make everything easy on the member so we always looks to eliminate or minimize confusion whenever possible. This includes consistency for display names when possible and when the situation calls for it.

We are wondering if other Insiders have dealt with multiple systems on a site and how that may affect the display names of members.

Please feel free to visit this forum thread and share your experience or post any questions of your own.

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