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This is a common goal for many membership sites.

The transitioning of members from one category into another. More specifically, transitioning members from Free to Premium.

There are things to consider when thinking through this process and that is the topic of conversation in this forum thread. The transition should be smooth and easy. But, what if it isn’t?

What can you do if your upgrade process isn’t functioning as expected?

That is a good question.

Levels Expiring

Here is what we have in this particular forum post.

An Insider has a Free level and it contains a number of members. That level has no expiration date so those members can remain in the level with access to the accompanying content indefinitely.

There is also a Premium level which provides access to additional content and this can be obtained by purchasing the upgrade.

Another detail to note is the Premium level has an expiration date. The Premium level is set to expire after one year. So anyone who upgrades from the Free to Premium level should receive a full 365 days of access to the premium content.

But, the Insider is reporting that is not the case.

Members seem to be retaining their registration dates from the Free level when they upgrade to the Premium level.

Why might that be happening?

You can find out more in this featured forum thread.

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