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Another opinion can be very helpful when building a membership site.

We often implement a number of different ideas and have a set plan in mind during this process. But, what if we miss something or don’t necessarily think of everything our members will want and need?

Are we truly able to come up with everything on our own?

The better question may be, do we have to come up with each idea ourselves?

WishList Insider is full of creative and intelligent people with plenty of clever thoughts and ideas.

This is where a second opinion can come in.

Need Review / Help

An Insider is reaching out and requesting a quick review of their site.

This is a common request in the forum and it really is a good idea. Each Insider has their own set of skills and typically have a unique view regarding an online community. So, asking for different opinions usually results in getting ideas you may never have considered.

We all see our site every day during development. We get used to where everything is located and can become comfortable with where it stands.

But someone else looking at your site for the first time gets the “fresh” view. They may immediately see something to improve that has been staring you in the face for months.

Maybe your sign up option isn’t obvious.

They may have trouble finding the login form.

It really could be anything.

We ask you to take a moment and visit this forum thread. You can check out the listed site and provide any feedback to the site owner.

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