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Time to get moving.

Everything gets collected up and accounted for and the moving process inches forward.

But you want to make sure nothing gets left behind. Especially anything important.

This is true when moving to a new home and it’s also true when moving members from one site to another.

What exactly can be “brought along” to the new site?

How can it all be transferred over?

These are good questions to consider.

Move WishList Member To New Site

Each member has their own username and password.

These identifiers are created or issued to each member when they join your community. Members get used to these login details and typically want to keep them if they move to a new site.

This is typically where a very important technical question comes up.


Is it possible to allow members to keep their established login details when moving them to a brand new site? This would make the transition easier on the members and the site owner.

Those existing members would simply login with their account info and enjoy the new site.

The moving process is not as difficult as it may seem.

Please check out this forum thread for a suggested solution and feel free to add any of your own ideas.

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