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One setting adjustment can make all the difference.

We have all likely had this type of experience at one point or another.

Everything appears to be set up correctly in a plugin but the resulting functionality is not what was expected. We double check the settings and it all looks right. But the problem persists.

I’ve had this happen myself a number of times.

So what is causing the issue and how can you find a solution?

Sounds like an opportunity to look for answers in the Insider Forum.

WishList Coupon 2.0 Plugin

The Insider community is made up of many membership site owners.

Many great minds, all in one place.

All these individuals have their own areas of expertise. So there aren’t a lot of membership site questions they can’t answer.

Even if there isn’t a clear solution at first, a discussion can often lead to a potential fix.

In this case, an Insider is trying to determine why a coupon code they created keeps displaying “invalid coupon”.

The conversation turns to potential settings that could be altered and a resolution is found.

This is a solid example of an Insider seeking and finding assistance in the Insider Forum.

We invite any Insiders who may have questions to visit the forum and post them. The Insider community can help.

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