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There are a lot of really useful WordPress plugins available.

That is putting it mildly.

It seems like almost anything you can think of for your site can be accomplished with the addition of a plugin or two. A quick search in the WordPress plugin directory and an install later results in a brand new plugin doing its job.

But these various plugins can occasionally run into issues when they try to “play together”

One plugin may try to occupy the same space or use the same resources as another and that is when issues can occur.

This seems to be the case in this particular forum conversation.

WishList Dashboard 2.0

Plugin conflicts.

It’s very likely you have run into this issue at some point along the way. In fact, you’ve probably had to try and figure out which plugin is causing specific problems multiple times in the past.

It can be a tricky situation as each time is different. Plugins react to each other in different ways.

So what should you do when a plugin all of a sudden stops working as expected?

A good question to ask is…

Are you running the latest version of the plugin experiencing the issue?

If you answer; “Yup, it’s up to date”, then you might want to check on recently installed or updated plugins. This is the suggestion posted in this forum thread and it helped lead down the path to a solution.

We recommend checking out this discussion as it may help when you experience plugin issues.

You are also invited to share any of your own plugin testing techniques.

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