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Do you currently use a Sales Funnel?

These can be effective tools for a membership site and an Insider is asking about a specific funnel option and how it may work with WishList Member.

More traffic can quickly lead to more sales.

So why not do a little more to generate that type of traffic?

It can seem difficult if the tools or methods are unfamiliar. This is true and we discuss it within this edition of Forum Focus.

Integration With ClickFunnels

Attracting traffic and effectively directing it to a product or service offer is a common goal for many site owners.

They have a solid offering and just need to get it in front of interested buyers.

But that can sometimes be easier said than done.

Creating a successful sales funnel typically requires a decent amount of time and effort to construct so choosing the correct tools is important.

ClickFunnels is being discussed in this forum thread and we invite you to join in.

Have you used this option? Perhaps you have considered trying it out or have used it in the past.

This conversation in the Insider Forum is looking for some information about using ClickFunnels with a WishList Member site.

Please share any of your experiences or post questions of your own.

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