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A free trial is enticing.

Something for nothing? Sounds good to me.

Not having to pay can make an experience that much better.

This is true when it comes to complimentary samples at the grocery store and it also applies to membership sites.

Free access will get them through the door. But how do you make that happen and what comes next?

Free Access To A WishList Checklist

We see cases like this relatively often and it makes sense.

A site owner has been running their membership the same way for some time and it has been working well. Members are joining and enjoy the content and experience being provided.

But then an idea strikes. Or, an idea that has been floating around for a while pushes its way to the front.

The conversation in this forum thread has a bit of that going on.

The desired scenario is described and a request for ideas has been posted. A checklist is currently available to members and the thought of allowing some free access has come up.

Can this be done? How can this be marketed to those who might be interested?

You might be answering these questions in your head as you read.

Please visit this forum for more details and we invite you to share your thoughts.

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