WishList Insider – Forum Focus 366

We get all types of questions in the Insider Forum.

These can range from “getting started” questions to in depth technical inquiries.

The specific question that began this featured forum thread started out as a “newbie” question and turned into a discussion about an important feature for a membership site.

You don’t always know where a question will lead.

We invite you to find out more.

A Question Regarding Selling Different Products To Existing Members

Do you offer more than one product?

Some membership sites provide a single membership level and that suits the needs of their members.

But often times, the need for additional levels and products arises.

How are you providing your existing members with those additional items?

An Insider explains the way they are handling this type of situation and quickly discovers another method that should make things easier for them and their members.

A WishList Member setting is discussed and what was once an involved process becomes a bit more clear. The Existing Member Login feature takes center stage.

Please feel free to visit the forum and post any suggestions you have. You may deal with existing members in a different way.

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