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How is your communication with members?

The ability to converse and provide members with updates and important information is key.

This is a common mind set when it comes to the members within an online community.

How can you keep them engaged? How can you keep them up to date on what is being offered? A popular method to stay in touch is through the regular use of emails.

This brings up the topic of auto-responders and how they can be used to benefit everyone.

We invite you to get in on this conversation.

My Member Email Addresses For Aweber

Most all membership site owners have an email list.

This list can grow or shrink depending on the situation. But that list usually includes all the members within the site.

It is pretty easy to send a message to all members. You can just write up the message and send it out. What about those times where you want to segment the list?

Perhaps you only want to send a message to those in a specific level. You may want to communicate with people who have just signed up recently.

This type of thinking is what started this forum thread. We then get into other topics that center around more detailed emailing and auto-responders.

We discuss exporting members from a site and how to potentially import those members into an email list.

Feel free to check out this forum conversation if you’re interested in email lists and ways to manage them.

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