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Are two better than one?

That usually depends on what exactly we are talking about.

A pair of tasty ice cream cones are better than a single desert. But two bee stings are definitely not preferred to a solitary sting after an unfortunate encounter with a hive.

So how does this type of thinking apply to payment processors in a membership site.

Should you use the same online payment option twice?

Is that even possible?

These are good questions and we address them in this edition of Forum Focus.

Two PayPal Accounts

An Insider has two PayPal accounts and is wondering if they can use both as an integration option in WishList Member at the same time.

They key portion of that to keep in mind is “at the same time”.

This isn’t actually able to be set up with the standard PayPal integration due to how PayPal and WishList Member work together.

So what can be done in a situation like this?

There are a few different options in this case. Depending on the type of PayPal integration being used or considered, there is actually a way to use two PayPal accounts on the same site. This gets discussed in more detail within the forum thread.

The idea of adding another payment processor into the mix also comes up.

How would you handle this type of situation?

Please check out the conversation and feel free to join in.

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