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Failed payments.

They are an unfortunate reality for many membership sites.

Recurring payments make a lot of things easier.

But these payments may fail for a variety of reasons. An expired credit card. The card on file becomes maxed out. Any number of financial issues with the applied payment card.

So what happens when the issue (whatever it may be) is resolved?

How do you ensure the member can access their content?

This featured forum thread digs into this topic.

Un-Cancel A Paid Member

Many sites will cancel a membership when payment fails.

If payments stop, so does access to the protected content.

This encourages the particular member and site owner to resolve the payment issue and re-start the flow of content as quickly as possible. An Insider is asking some specific questions about how to handle a situation like this.

Is there a way to connect the new and successful payment with the existing member account?

Are there any specific details to keep in mind when making account adjustments?

The tips shared in this forum conversation are helpful now and could prevent potential issues down the line.

You can get all the details in the Insider Forum.

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