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The forum thread being featured this week is a quick read.

It asks a common question about a popular topic.

Recurring billing.

Specifically, setting up a billing cycle to ensure it charges the desired amount at the desired intervals.

We invite you to check out this “Quick Hit” forum thread for all the details.

It should only take a few minutes.

PayPal Recurring Billing

An Insider is looking to confirm their settings within PayPal are correct based on how they want monthly payments to be handled.

If this initial set up is incorrect, it can lead to confusion for both the members and site owner.

One setting in particular is being discussed.

“After how many cycles should billing stop?”.

This brings up an interesting question. What exactly counts as a “cycle”?

Does the initial charge count as a cycle? Or do cycles begin after that first set payment?

These are good questions and we encourage any Insiders who may have thoughts on them to join the discussion. There are likely a number of PayPal users in the Insider community who have used this setting in the past or continue to use it currently.

Please feel free to visit the forum to jump in on the conversation.

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