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How can we make it easier for members working their way through an online course?

This is a question we have seen over the years from different membership site owners.

Not all members are going to be able to motivate themselves to finish. So what can be done to help point them in the right direction?

Encouraging members along the way and marking their progress are two effective methods to increase the rate of completion for a course.

This particular forum discussion talks about some potential ways to assist your members.

Brainstorming – Additions To Course Site

We want you to ask yourself this question.

You don’t have to say it out loud. But it might help if you do.

“What prevented me from finishing that online course I started?”

We are guessing you may have a few (maybe more) unfinished courses you’ve begun but never got around to seeing to completion. This could be for a few different reasons.

A sudden loss of extra time or perhaps you got distracted by something else. There may have even been another course that grabbed your interest.

Why do you stop moving forward with some courses?

Did you feel encouraged and were you aware of the progress you had made so far? Maybe you would have kept at it if you had.

This forum thread touches upon some common sticking points that can occur with a course. It also brings up some possible solutions.

Please check out this discussion and feel free to share your own experiences.

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