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Members interacting with each other is part of the appeal for a number of membership sites.

In a lot of cases, these are like minded individuals coming together to discuss common topics and helping each other find solutions to shared issues.

These types of in depth discussions usually take place in the comments section of a particular post or within the forum of the online community.

But are there other ways for members to communicate?

Private Messaging System For Members

This forum thread picks up where it left off in regards to member communication and interaction.

An Insider is looking for an easy way to stay in contact with members that doesn’t need to rely on back and forth emails.

This type of communication through an inbox is proving to be a bit cumbersome in this case and some other ideas are being discussed.

The concept of private messages was brought up by another member in the community and some links directing to some potential options were also included.

Are you providing your members with the ability to connect with others using a similar tool? Perhaps this is something you have considered investigating a bit more as well.

We encourage you to visit the forum and post any questions you have in this ongoing thread.

Please feel free to post any of your experiences too.

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