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This might be one of the shortest threads we have featured in Forum Focus.

It is basically a quick question from an Insider and we followed up with an equally quick response.

But the question and answer aren’t exactly what we want to discuss. We are focusing on the broader topic instead.

Changelogs and how they can be used.

How often do you check changelogs when a piece of software is updated?

Change Log for V2.92.3180

“An update is available”.

How do you react to that message?

Some people will click the update button without hesitation. They might be looking forward to potential new features or may just like to stay up to date as much as possible.

Other people avoid updates at all costs. A bad experience in the past may cause them to hesitate or even skip the new update all together.

Then there are some people in between who eventually get around to the updates at some point. They aren’t putting it off for any specific reason but they also don’t feel compelled to act right away.

So, when should you update?

That question has a lot of different answers but checking the software changelogs can help inform that decision. Knowing what has been changed or altered can save time and effort.

This forum thread simply provides information and access to the WishList Member Changelogs.

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