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The protection of content is typically very high on the priority list.

A lot of time and effort goes into the creation of content and the intent is that only members should be able to access it.

This is usually the mindset of a membership site owner.

A member signs up and can access content assigned to their membership level. This happens on thousands of sites each day.

But what if a member decides to share their login information with others?

Security – To Prevent Password Sharing And Multiple IP Logins?

This thread was originally started some time ago. But an Insider has posted a new message asking for some possible plugin suggestions.

We invite you to check out the thread and share any potential solutions or ideas.

There are likely Insiders reading this who have dealt with a similar situation. Did you decide to try and prevent multiple logins with the same account? Did you have success with the options you tried?

What options are available to site owners?

Please feel free to share your experience with the community.

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