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It can be difficult to make the switch.

Moving from one online payment processor to another involves many moving parts.

What would happen to existing recurring payments? Are the fees going to be higher or lower? Will there be unforeseen technical issues?

These types of questions and potential problems often lead to the decision of just sticking with the current payment processor.

But what if there is a better option out there?

Payment Processing Options

An Insider is looking to possibly move away from their current solution because of a few different factors and is searching for a new payment processor for their members.

There are quite a few choices when it comes to integrating a shopping cart with WishList Member so they are investigating their options.

What goes into their decision making process?

How are they finding answers to their questions about what the shopping carts offer?

This forum thread includes some comparisons between the available features and corresponding fees. The cost of a service is usually high on the list of concerns but it is not always the deciding factor.

We are curious how other Insiders chose their own payment processors.

Are you considering the switch? Perhaps you already have and can share some of your experiences.

We invite you to join the discussion.

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