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Are you tracking member activity?

It is common to believe we know what our members want and what they are consuming. But it is difficult to really know for sure unless we can see how often they login and where they visit during their sessions.

An Insider is looking for a way to track how many times a member account is used to login.

They are also curious about potentially blocking some different IP addresses.

We encourage you to join the conversation.

Plug-In To Track Member Log-Ins

There are many different tracking tools available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Each of these options offer their own feature set and settings. So the decision of which one to try usually comes down to figuring out exactly what you are wanting to track.

The main objective mentioned in this forum thread is finding out how many times people are logging in.

Have you ever used a tracking plugin that could handle this?

The idea of using Google Analytics was suggested and we encourage you to post any ideas of your own.

Perhaps you are using a tracking solution right now that would fit the needs described in this forum thread.

Please head over to the forum and catch up on the discussion.

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