WishList Insider – Forum Focus 337

Can an ID number be assigned to each member?

These numbers could be useful for a variety of reasons and that is especially true for a specific Insider in this edition of Forum Focus.

He is looking for a way to implement a digital member card system and a unique identifier for each member is needed.

So the question remains… are member ID numbers a possibility?

We called in the development team for the “assist” on this one and they delivered.

Transaction ID

The first topic of conversation revolves around the difference between a transaction ID and a member ID.

The member ID is assigned to an actual member account while a transaction ID is assigned to the level(s) tied to that member account.

A member can only have one member ID but could have many different transaction IDs. So determining how to assign and access that unique member ID became the new focus of the discussion.

We spoke with the WishList Development Team and they explained how each member already has their own ID based on the WordPress user database. That was good news and the next step was where to find them.

An interesting process was posted to help point the Insider in the right direction.

All the details are included in the full conversation and we encourage you to check it out if this is something that appeals to you.

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