WishList Insider – Forum Focus 334

We are wondering if you might have a suggestion.

The forum is an ideal place to visit when looking for answers. But sometimes the questions require additional ideas or theories.

This may be one of those cases.

An Insider is trying to discover why a page they believe should be for members only is not actually protected.

What could be preventing this intended and expected functionality?

Perhaps you have a solution.

Page Showing In WishList Member Manage Content > Pages

The scenario described in this forum discussion involves a member dashboard being set as the After Login page.

This is a common practice as it allows a site owner to present a number of easily accessible items to members as soon as they login.

The slight wrinkle in this particular example occurs when the protection settings come into play. The site owner wants the dashboard to be protected. But for some reason, everything isn’t going according to plan.

Why would this dashboard refuse to be protected?

We’re hoping that is where you might enter the equation.

Have you had experience with a piece of content that doesn’t seem to want to cooperate?

Please visit the forum and feel free to post any potential problem solvers or ideas.

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