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Questions about protecting certain areas and sections are pretty common when it comes to membership sites.

Non-members and people who are not logged in shouldn’t be able to view the protected premium content. WishList Member includes a number of ways to apply this type of protection to a site.

But what about the admin section of WordPress?

Have you ever wanted to pick and choose which back end areas are available to an individual so they can assist with some admin tasks?

That topic is up for discussion in this edition of Forum Focus.

Non Admin User To Update The Courses Of Registered Users

You may find that you have less time now than when you first started your online community.

At the beginning, you were able to handle all the administrative tasks yourself and didn’t really need any help. But it became evident as your site grew that an extra set of hands would be needed.

Providing admin access for your site to someone else is a big decision.

There has to be a high level of trust felt if you are going to “share the keys”.

Is there a way to only provide specific access to specific admin areas? That is a valid question and one that began this forum conversation.

Reducing the admin area a person can access also reduces the risk of accidents. Some potential plugins were brought up as possible solutions. We are also curious if you have any suggestions that have worked for you.

Please join the discussion and let us know.

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