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An Insider began this forum thread by explaining an issue they were experiencing when switching to a new theme.

They detailed the problem at hand and asked if anyone else had similar issues or any ideas.

A few hours later that same Insider returned to the conversation and proceeded to describe the solution they discovered shortly after posting the original message.

This is an excellent example of a community member sharing some gained knowledge in hopes of helping others.

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WishList SmartNav And The Get Noticed Theme Not Working

Many of us have considered it.

Adding a fresh look to a membership site by installing a new theme.

But changing themes can sometimes lead to unexpected results. New design elements may alter the preferred page layout or the font on the site may seem to change on its own.

What was thought to be a two minute task can turn into an afternoon of trouble shooting.

What are the differences between the original theme and the new theme that are causing the problems?

Of course, there could be other settings or plugins at play as well. Different themes react to these different settings and plugins… differently.

The combination of the new theme and the WishList Member and WishList SmartNav plugins resulted in some unexpected behaviour for this Insider.

It was then realized what needed to be changed to ensure everything worked together as intended.

It wasn’t a big fix or complicated adjustment and you can find out more by checking out this Insider Forum thread.

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