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Recurring billing is an ideal situation for accepting payments from members.

The expected amount is charged on the expected date and everyone gets what they want. The site owner receives payment and the member receives continued access to the site.

This scenario should continue with no issues for as long as the member wants to keep that subscription active.

But there are a few different reasons why recurring payments may fail.

An interesting fact is those reasons are not always tied to a maxed out or expired card.

This featured forum thread looks into trying to prevent declined credit cards before they happen.

How To Eliminate Member Credit Card Declines

Once a member decides to sign up and become a member, you don’t want to prevent them from being able to pay. This is especially true when they are an established member with a successful payment record.

A failed payment also results in that same member losing access to the protected content they want. So what can be done to ensure everyone gets what they are after?

Maxed out or expired credit cards are typical culprits when it comes to missed payments and subsequent subscription cancellation.

But what about issues that arise when the credit card on file has plenty of room for purchases and is in good standing?

These are the payment failures that can lead to headaches and frustration.

On the surface, everything appears to be in working order. But then it does not work.

We discuss some potential issues and solutions within this particular forum thread. You are invited to join the discussion and let us know how you deal with failed payments.

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