WishList Insider – Forum Focus 328

We may get a little technical during this installment of our weekly look within the Insider Forum.

But even “non-techie” Insiders can find this conversation to be helpful.

WishList Member offers an API our team has developed which opens up the playing field when it comes to customization. This API can be a corner stone for creating a solution that best fits your needs when the standard “out of the box” options aren’t quite enough.

So what exactly is someone asking about regarding this building tool?

Please keep reading to get all the details.

Use WishList APIs To Pull Registration Emails Into An Email List

Your thoughts and ideas are being requested in the forum.

An Insider has posted some questions and is asking for feedback from the community.

Have you ever wanted to collect the email addresses submitted during the registration process and send them to another system? This could be for a number of different reasons but the main goal remains the same… collecting and sending those email addresses.

This thread is searching for anyone with experience on this subject or for anyone who simply has ideas.

Have you worked with the WishList Member API? Perhaps you are thinking of some possible scenarios involving email addresses and the API right now as you read this article.

Even the smallest idea can start the ball rolling towards something bigger.

Experience with a CRM would also be helpful as that factors into the equation as well.

We invite you to check out this forum thread and share any thoughts that come to mind.

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