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One seemingly small adjustment can make a sizable difference.

This is true with most things but it can be especially true when it comes to building a membership site.

You may have intended to protect a selection of content only to find it available to anyone and everyone after finishing what you believed to be the correct set up process.

That is the case in this featured forum thread as an Insider searches for and finds the solution to a protection issue.

Find out what caused the issue and what lead to the solution in this “Quick Hit” post.

Un-Protecting RSS Feed

We have probably all been there at one time or another.

Working away on a membership site and something unexpected happens. Or something expected doesn’t happen. All further progress seems to grind to a halt as we search for a resolution to this newly discovered problem.

What is standing in the way?

In this scenario, an Insider found their RSS feed was protected. That isn’t an uncommon situation except for the fact that they believed the feed should have been unprotected based on their site settings.

So what was the next move?

The Insider did some investigating and a setting was found that provided the desired functionality.

They even took a few moments to share their discovery with the community.

Get all the details within this forum thread.

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