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Providing access to protected content is the primary intention of many membership sites.

A member joins a membership level and can access the content within that membership level once they login. A member dashboard is often created to provide easy access to common areas and popular content.

This is a pretty standard situation and can be set up relatively quickly in most cases.

But what about sites that have more than one membership level or course?

Will one dashboard fit the needs of a site with multiple membership levels?

This forum discussion addresses these questions and more. We invite you to join the conversation.

Login And Dashboard Clarification

An Insider describes their site and the various tools and systems being used to create the community.

There are a few different ways for someone to join and different pieces of content that can be accessed once they become a member. The questions that come up touch upon the topics of ensuring members get their username and password while also being able to access the correct content.

There are a few moving parts involved in this site set up so making sure everything falls into place as intended and expected is a good idea.

This site is looking for advice on a few subjects that include dashboards, member login, and hiding specific pieces of content from the membership levels.

We invite you to visit the forum and get in on the discussion.

Private Tags and Reverse Private Tags are mentioned and we ask you to share any of your own thoughts and ideas.

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