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A very common method for accepting payments online is through a credit card.

This is especially true when it comes to recurring payments.

Naturally, this makes online payment through credit cards a good fit for a membership site.

But what if someone wants to accept payment in a different manner? Perhaps through a wire transfer?

Is this possible?

Find out more in this latest Forum Focus.

Stripe and Plaid for ACH Payments

An Insider posted a question that got us thinking.

Can payments be made for a membership level via wire transfer?

This caused us to wonder about how wire transfers actually work and when the money is truly considered “accepted”. Access to protected content is usually withheld until the payment is successful and the member account has been created.

If there is the possibility of a delay on the payment, what should happen to the status of that member account?

The concept of an Automated Clearing House was also mentioned. But what does that add to the equation?

We invite you to join the conversation and please feel free to add any thoughts or share any experiences you’ve had with unconventional online payment options.

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