WishList Insider – Forum Focus 324

This discussion starts things off by asking a question.

Some details were shared and a desired goal is described.

A partial answer was then posted that kept the ball rolling towards a possible solution. Of course, additional suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged.

The Insider Forum is a useful tool for expanding upon ideas. A question gets answered and provides direction that can then be used to explore ever more.

In this case, a specific forum integration is being investigated.

Can it handle the job?

Discourse Plugin

How can you lock down a forum to ensure only members can gain access?

There are different forum solutions available so there is not really a single way to accomplish this for all forums. It can depend on how the forum creates and displays content or other contributing factors.

An Insider is looking to use Discourse for her forum and is inquiring into if and how it might work.

This may be a forum solution some are not familiar with yet. This was actually the case with myself as I didn’t recognize the name at first. But after a little online research, there were some interesting avenues to explore with Discourse.

But the questions still remain. Does this forum option perform in a similar fashion to other forums that will work along side WishList Member? Can a single login be used to access protected content and the forum?

The Insider contacted the Discourse team and began a conversation that can be followed along in this thread.

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