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What should you do when an update is available?

This “Quick Hit” forum thread is referring to a new version of WishList Member but the question can be applied to all plugins (and even WordPress itself).

When is it safe to upgrade?

Are there potential issues that could arise? What preparations should be considered?

An old saying comes to mind in situations like this… “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

This is true when it comes to upgrading WordPress plugins.

Taking a bit of time to ensure a smooth update will pay off in the long run.

WishList Member Upgrade Prep Best Practices

You see a new version of WishList Member is available and the urge to immediately upgrade strikes.

This is typically a process that only takes a few seconds. The plugin is successfully updated and the site continues to function as good or even better than before.

But what about the rare situations when that isn’t the case?

Perhaps a new version will conflict with an older plugin or theme on your site. These unforeseen issues can sometimes pop up during an upgrade for a variety of reasons.

But a brand new version of WishList Member is only a click away.

Will you run into issues or will your site update without problems?

Should you press that “Update” button and find out?

We recommend a few quick steps to run through before proceeding with an actual update. This forum conversation highlights some tips that should help contribute to a potentially stress-free upgrade.

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