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Member interaction is an effective method used to maintain and increase retention rates.

The single members within your site come together and share their thoughts and ideas with each other.

This forms a cohesive group that in turn has more combined knowledge than the individual parts.

But how can you encourage your members to connect and become a community?

This forum thread involves a quick conversation about a potential contest that encourages and rewards interaction.

These are important ingredients for a successful membership site.

Members Only Photo Contest/Voting Scenario

An Insider is seeking a solution for an intriguing request.

The interesting idea of a photo submission contest has been detailed within this thread and corresponding tools or systems needed to achieve the specifics are being sought out.

Is there a plugin that can be used or will a more customized solution be required? This is usually what it all comes down to when looking to create something that includes a number of moving parts for a WordPress site.

Has someone already created a plugin that can handle all or most of the job?

This proposed contest would allow members to view and rate the photos uploaded by others within the community.

The search is on.

Some plugins have been mentioned in the conversation but more ideas are always welcomed.

We would like to hear from you. Please take a moment to visit the forum and read over the quick list of desired functionality. Perhaps you know of a piece that would fit this particular puzzle or have a suggestion that could help.

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