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Are your members able to easily interact with each other?

Members will typically look to engage in discussions and share their thoughts and ideas. This could be handled through comment sections on pages and posts or with the inclusion of a forum.

But can your members actually see each other?

Seeing the person you are in conversation with is usually preferred as it is nice to put a face to the name.

A visual representation of someone can be remembered more easily than a username.

This forum thread looks into a potential solution for allowing members to see more than a just a name.

Looking For A Directory Compatible With WishList Member

Communication through keyboards can eliminate the visual element of member interaction.

This is when a Member Directory can be used to provide members with a profile of their own that can be viewed by the community.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to directory options for a WordPress site. Each of these options come with their own feature set and design elements. So the decision will come down to which is a good fit for the particular situation.

An Insider explains what they are looking for and what is needed from a directory solution in the first entry of this forum thread. A Directory Theme is mentioned and the option of a plugin is brought up in a response message.

Are you displaying a list of your members on your site?

If not, is it something you have considered?

Many believe a successful community requires an element of interaction among the individuals that make up the group. Perhaps a Member Directory can help spark that interaction.

We invite you to join the conversation in the Insider forum.

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