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No one person has all the answers.

That is why the Insider Forum is the ideal place to ask your questions.

Each Insider has their own set of skills and specialties when it comes to a knowledge base. So why not post a question and allow them to help?

We are spotlighting some of the conversations that stem from these types of questions.

  • What Directory Options Are Available?
  • Can The RSS Feed Be Removed?
  • How Can Members Contact Your Directly?

Read all about it in this edition of Forum Focus.

Displaying Member Profiles

Part of the community appeal for some members is the ability to interact with others on your site.

The chance to relate to individuals who are “in the same boat” can go a long way in building a membership site foundation. A member directory is a tool that can be used to show your members who is out there.

It can encourage members to reach out to one another and connect. Do you offer your members the option to see who they are sharing the space with?

An Insider if looking for directory options and we welcome any suggestions you may have.


Plugin To Block Ability To Comment For Members Of Specific Levels (Does It Exist?)

This particular thread brings up an interesting topic while looking for some plugin functionality.

Members will typically want to converse directly with the site owner if possible. The site owner is most often viewed as an authority on the niche being addressed within the site. So direct access to this expert feels very valuable and is quite desirable.

What options are available for opening up a line of communication?

Who can access it and when is it available?

These are just a few questions that can be discussed.

We invite you to join the conversation in the forum.


How To Remove WishList Member Feed URL From Profiles (Updated Regarding Shortcodes)

This “Quick Hit” Forum Thread is focused on a recent and quick exchange in an older conversation.

There is an RSS Feed that appears for members which allows them to subscribe to content. This can be a handy feature if you want to allow for this option. It appears without much effort and can be used accordingly.

But, what it you want to remove it?

The answer is pretty quick as well and it applies to a number of areas in WishList Member.

Find out more in the forum.

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