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Where do you go when you have a question?

Maybe you do a quick web search or ask an authority on the particular topic you are trying to learn more about.

If your question relates to membership sites in any way then we recommend heading over to the Insider forum. It is a great place to ask or answer questions.

Here are a few topics that are being addressed in the forum:

  • Various Integration Options
  • Tags, Tags, And More Tags
  • An Insider Looking For Social Media Help

Get all the details here…

List of Integrations (Updated With Additional Suggestion)

What are some of the options available that will integrate with WishList Member?

This is a popular and valid question. There are many different systems and tools with very different capabilities. Some of these options will accept payments online, allow for the management of courses, provide the functionality to create forms, etc. Those are just a few examples and there are many more being developed all the time.

There is a list of integrations in the Integration tab within WishList Member that our team has created. This is a good place to start when looking for potential integration options.

This forum thread touches on that subject and a recent update to the conversation includes an additional suggestion that won’t be found in the Integration tab.


WishList Member Private Tag For Multiple Membership Levels

The WishList Member Private Tag is a very popular and useful feature.

It provides a number of possibilities through functionality that would otherwise not be possible. Many WishList Member users are aware of the standard Private Tags and how they can help but these same users may not be as familiar with the Reverse Private Tags.

Both types of tags are discussed within this forum thread and the topic of member cancellation is also addressed.

The discussion goes fairly deep into these topics so we encourage you to join in if we have piqued your interest.


Social Media Person

What would you consider your skill level to be when it comes to social media?

Some people seem to naturally gravitate towards the various social platforms available and eagerly adopt the newest systems while others steer clear of each and every one of them. Perhaps you find yourself in the middle of that spectrum.

An Insider is looking for an individual to assist with the social media aspects of her site and has put the call out in the forum.

If you know your way around the “twitterverse” and other social media environments you may want to check it out.

You can join the conversation for more info.

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